Disability Belongs in TTRPGs

A Guide to Service Mimics

2021 Patreon Creators Grant Winner

DnD is, unfortunately, a little notorious at this point about their lack of disability representation or performative inclusion. We're here to change that. DnD Disability is about creating mechanics by and for disabled individuals to be able to see and create themselves in their characters, as well as sharing resources about disability inclusion. Because disability belongs in TTRPGs.

The DnD Disability project is almost entirely funded by community support. All donations on Ko-Fi and proceeds from stickers go right back into the project! These funds are most often used for artwork, as well as sensitivity readers and consultants. A Ko-Fi is just $3, and if you want to donate, you can use the button below!


Charity Partnerships

We have partnered with Isaac Cooke Khan from the Bristol UK Children's Hospital in a couple of works now to raise additional funds for the play team. You can read more about the project using the button below.

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