About The Project

Disability belongs in TTRPG. 

Hands down, no arguments. 

Really, this shouldn't even be up for debate. Anyone can be a hero, and everyone deserves to have representation. That's what this project is all about! DnD Disability is here to further disability representation and inclusiveness in the DnD game and community. We shouldn't have to fight for this rep, for the mechanics to make it possible, or the space to talk about these issues. Disability content for the game shouldn't be hard to find or use.  

DnD Disability is a project set up to create disability mechanics, supplements, and content for DnD and other ttrpgs. We have a lot of content planned, from mechanics for a variety of disabilities, supplements to go along with those, and other content such as mobility aid stats and even service dog stats/mechanics! Our goal is to create the mechanics and things needed for everyone to be able to see and create themselves in their characters. 

All of the basic mechanics content will be FREE. No one should have to pay for content that honestly should already exist from official sources. But if they won't do the work, we will, and it will be accessible for everyone. If you would be interested in supporting the project, getting early access to all content, as well as behind the scenes work and notes - there is a Patreon! More about that HERE.

Every piece is carefully researched for authenticity and realism, and we consult with other disabled individuals for each project. For disabilities that we don't have - we find and work with people with those disabilities to make sure they are accurately represented. Dozens of people read every work before it goes public to make sure it's easy to follow and well balanced. There's a lot of wonderful people who work with me and we encourage everyone to make sure to check out the References & Credits section on each work to follow and support the people who work on this project with us outside of our main team. 

We are always taking suggestions for additional supplements/mechanics that people would like to see! 

dnddisability@gmail.com (best way to contact)


twitter.com/dnddisability (most active here)


DnD Disability is run as a subset of Three Fates Dice LLC, owned by Anna Holden.