At DnD Disability, we are always open to collaborations and working with individuals to expand our Community Added Content section. This is for people who have created their own disability content independent of us and would like to have their work featured on our website. 

This is beneficial for the individual creator, as well as our work. Content will be added under the agreement of the following: 

  • You, as the creator, will retain copyright of the work. 

  • You will give us signed permission to use your work for social media and promotion. This will be a promotion for us, and you, and you will be credited in every post that includes your content. 

  • There will be no monetary compensation on either side.

  • You agree to promote our project on your social media at least once, when your content is added to the website. 

  • Openness to discussing potential artwork-then-stickers inspired by your work, the funds supporting the project. We are open to donating a % of profits to a disability/mental heath-related charity of your choice. This part is not required

We want to uplift and support the individual creators of disability content - for any TTRPG, not just DnD!

Do you have disability or related content that you've created, for ANY TTRPG, and want to have your work added to the community added content section? Send us an email at: