Are you interested in partnering with the DnD Disability project? I am always looking for people to work with who want to help promote/bring publicity to the project. I am also always open to people interested in playtesting content. If you have a specific disability/content that you have been working on, or want to see written or collaborate on, you can reach out us and we can discuss the project!


DnD Disability is still a small project that we're trying to get off the ground and raise awareness for! We are always looking for people who want to help actively promote the project. There is no monetary compensation - this is not a profit project - but in return we are always happy to do periodic shout outs for anyone who is helping promote. 


We do as much playtesting as possible to ensure smoothly working content and well balanced mechanics, but we're always open to working with more people who are interesting in playtesting content and providing feedback. If you'd be interested, just reach out, and we can discuss the process! 


If you are interested in collaborating on a writing project, or if you have disability/related mechanics that you've been wanting to write but could use an additional hand on, just reach out! We are always looking to expand our collection of content. A collaboration project would be published through DnD Disability (with shared copyright and appropriate credit to you!) which expands our library, and gets you further publicity and reach for your work. Just send a message if you would like to discuss a collaboration project! 

Sensitivity Readers + Consultants

Having individuals with the disability the mechanics are being created for is one of the utmost priorities in the creating process. Whenever consultants are needed for a project, I usually start a thread on twitter, but if you want to put your name in the ring early just send an email about it with the disability you're wanting to consult on. What this entails is giving feedback continuously through the process of the mechanics being written. There is monetary compensation for this (though you may choose to opt out of being paid) for your help.