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Beyond the Harrowing Night (DnD 5e Adventure)

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Three nights into the party's stay in Arcona, the King dies. 

Rather, the King is murdered.

As well-known adventurers, the King's daughter seeks you out, and offers you a job taking her father's body through the Death Dancing Wilderness - a dangerous forest that splits the land in half - to get her father to the necromancer known as the Saint of Death

This adventure takes the party through the dangerous forest, meeting the guardians who live there, forced to navigate the lost time the forest brings. Except - something lingers within the body, some dark entity, waiting to be released. 

Written for the Accessible Adventure Jam, this adventure features multiple prominently disabled NPCs, as well as being written with accessibility in mind. Adventure is available in both a stylized and plain-text, dyslexic-friendly font PDF, both tagged for screenreaders. 

Adventure is 29 pages, over 6,000 words.